Business Solutions

UES Computers Business Center has on-staff certified network technicians that have 10 plus years experience. Our technicians only provide the best innovative technology solutions on time and within budget.

UES understands that your network is a vital element to your business. Therefore we are able to offer state of the art network design and services.

Take a moment to Browse our Professional Business Services

  • Professional On-Site Services
  • Network Wiring & IP Surveillance
  • Training Opportunities

We offer a wide variety of services including network administration, server installation and residential service and in-store computer and printer repair. With over 150 Microsoft Server installation around are locations, we are able to implement the latest technology.

Business On-Site Services

  • Network Management
  • Administrative Operations
  • Maintenance & Provisioning
  • Managed User Variables
  • Virus Prevention & Detection
  • Router & Firewall Security
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Custom Built Networks
  • Emergency Services
  • Printer & File Sharing

Backup & Recovery Services

  • Advanced Data Recovery
  • Off-Site and On-Site Backup
  • Professional Imaging Software
  • RAID & NAS Backup Solutions

IP Surveillance Systems

  • After Hours Security
  • Outdoor & Indoor Cameras
  • IP Networking & Remote Access
  • Monitor Business Activities

Workstation Services

  • Installation & Configuration
  • Remote & On-Site Diagnostics
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Add or Remove Software
  • Priority Services Available
  • User Defined Variables & Permissions

Email & Mobile Devices

  • Email Security & Filtering
  • Exchange Server Diagnostics
  • Email Hosting Services
  • Blackberry & iPhone Integration
  • SmartPhone Remote Software Installation
  • Exchange Server & SmartPhone Networking

Printer Services

  • Printer Server Installation
  • Printer Diagnostics
  • On-Site & In-Store Repairs
  • Replacement Parts & Printing Supplies

Retail Management Solutions

  • On-Site Point of Sale Services
  • Proprietary Hardware & Software Sales

How IP Surveillance Functions

Originally IP Surveillance was done on a closed circuit television (CCT) using video tapes to create a recording making it impractical to monitor your store from a remote location.

Now you can record your IP Surveillance two different ways, whether it is web-based or networked. Either way, they can both be viewed remotely and are backed up using the newest technologies like DVR or your network or computer’s hard disk.

Why an IP Surveillance System?

  • Monitor Business Activities 24/7
  • Supervise the safety of your loved ones and belongings
  • After Hour Business and Land Security
  • Keep Tract of Business Assets
  • Monitor on the Go with Your Mobile Devices

IP Camera & Cabling Products

  • Panasonic, Axis, Vivotek & AGI
  • Cable Management Devices
  • CAT5e, CAT5e Crossover, & CAT6 Patch
  • Custom IP Surveillance Systems
  • Coaxial Cable & Single Line RJ11
  • Specialty Orders Available

Cable Wiring Services

  • Cable Installations & Network Wiring
  • Cable Diagnostics & Repair
  • Priority Cabling Services
  • IP Surveillance Installation & Setup

Making the Right IP Camera Decision

  • Full Digital IP or Partial Analog IP
  • Indoor or Outdoor Cameras
  • Weather Resistant and Night Vision
  • Networked or Web-Based Connection
  • Power Over Ethernet or by AC Input
  • Recording to a DVR or Network
  • Fixed Versus Rotating View Cameras
  • Field of View & Time Frame Recording
  • Motion Sensor or Frames Per-Second

UES Computers offers a wide range of training your learning needs, whether you are new to computers or you need to improve your computer skills, the training that UES offers simple lessons that do not require previous knowledge of computers.

We provide our customers with comprehensive hands-on training including writing a letter, emailing a friend, or simply shopping on the Internet.

UES is geared towards helping their customers, regardless of their experience, to enjoy working with today’s technologies. Training is available in-store or on-site in the comfort of your home or business.

Computer Training

  • Use of a new Operating System
  • Data Backup to Storage Devices
  • Setting up a New Desktop or Notebook Computer
  • Using Email Programs
  • Internet Safety and Prevention Tips
  • Performing Basic PC Maintenance

Software Training

  • Microsoft Office for PC or Mac
  • Operating System Usage
  • Publishing Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Point of Sales Software

Home Networking

  • Password Protection Your Home Router
  • Website Address Blocking
  • Connecting to Your Wireless Router
  • Basic Dual Band Router Configurations

Multi-Media Training

  • Using Your Multi-Media Universal Remote
  • Synchronizing SmartPhones & Devices
  • Webcam Communication Setup
  • Configure Home PC & Multi-Media Center

Printer & Printing Training

  • Setup & Configure Your Printer, Fax, or Scanner
  • Replace Ink or Toner Cartridges
  • HP, Brother, Dell, & Canon Toners
  • Printing Supplies & Accessories


NOTE: The above training opportunities are for basic entry level training. No certificates are obtained at the end of these training sessions.